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Our firm, which started its activities in 1983 to give service to local and foreign firms in Turkey and the world, has sustained its position in the translation sector with its continuous, prompt and reliable studies. From now on, BORKAY TERCÜME shall continue to improve and expand using various types of technology.

Our firm gives service in a variety of over 200 subjects, such as technical, legal, contracts , banking and medical issues especially legal contracts, reports, manuals, legislations, institutional and scientific issues.

In the present time of our world which is continuously becoming global, Borkay Tercüme with it's international activities, business relations concerning foreign firms and a staff of over 250 trained and experienced personnel will continue to be at the service of companies aiming to take place in every issue in our country and world economy.

Our translation bureau meets the, hourly and daily translation needs of the whole of Turkey and the world by using every opportunity of technology and human resources. Our office that adopts the understanding that there is no limit in service is always ready with reliable and prompt service